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About The Twinkle Toy Box Company

The Twinkle Toy Box Company has been creating hand painted toy boxes, keepsake boxes and rocking chairs for over 2 years by its founder Phillipa. Over that time, she has painted boxes for children which have flown all across the world from America to Singapore, from Germany to Japan.

Phillipa's desire to create hand painted children's furniture came when she found it impossible to find a toy box which was 'just right' for her little boy, so she went ahead and made her own. With a BA (Hons) Degree from Leeds Beckett University and an 'A' Level in Fine Art, Phillipa's use of colour, texture and perspective gives each box and rocking chair a truly unique style.
With an eye for detail and being a bit of a perfectionist, Phillipa can recreate your vision and produce a piece of furniture which will not only look beautiful, but will stand the test of time for years to come.